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ZIP_OPEN(3)                Library Functions Manual                ZIP_OPEN(3)

       zip_open - open zip archive

       libzip (-lzip)

       #include <zip.h>

       struct zip *
       zip_open(const char *path, int flags, int *errorp);

       The zip archive specified by path is opened and a pointer to a struct
       zip, used to manipulate the archive, is returned.  The flags are
       specified by or'ing the following values, or 0 for none of them.

             ZIP_CHECKCONS  Perform additional stricter consistency checks on
                            the archive, and error if they fail.

             ZIP_CREATE     Create the archive if it does not exist.

             ZIP_EXCL       Error if archive already exists.

             ZIP_TRUNCATE   If archive exists, ignore its current contents.
                            In other words, handle it the same way as an empty

       If an error occurs and errorp is non-NULL, it will be set to the
       corresponding error code.

       Upon successful completion zip_open() returns a struct zip pointer.
       Otherwise, NULL is returned and *errorp is set to indicate the error.

       The archive specified by path is opened unless:

       [ZIP_ER_EXISTS]    The file specified by path exists and ZIP_EXCL is

       [ZIP_ER_INCONS]    Inconsistencies were found in the file specified by
                          path.  This error is often caused by specifying
                          ZIP_CHECKCONS but can also happen without it.

       [ZIP_ER_INVAL]     The path argument is NULL.

       [ZIP_ER_MEMORY]    Required memory could not be allocated.

       [ZIP_ER_NOENT]     The file specified by path does not exist and
                          ZIP_CREATE is not set.

       [ZIP_ER_NOZIP]     The file specified by path is not a zip archive.

       [ZIP_ER_OPEN]      The file specified by path could not be opened.

       [ZIP_ER_READ]      A read error occurred; see errno for details.

       [ZIP_ER_SEEK]      The file specified by path does not allow seeks.

       libzip(3), zip_close(3), zip_error_to_str(3), zip_fdopen(3)

       Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>

NiH                            February 13, 2012                   ZIP_OPEN(3)

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