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ZDIFF(1)                    General Commands Manual                   ZDIFF(1)

       zcmp, zdiff - compare compressed files

       zcmp [ cmp_options ] file1 [ file2 ]
       zdiff [ diff_options ] file1 [ file2 ]

       Zcmp  and zdiff are used to invoke the cmp or the diff program on files
       compressed via gzip.  All options specified are passed directly to  cmp
       or  diff.   If  only  file1  is specified, it is compared to the uncom-
       pressed contents of file1.gz.  If two files are specified,  their  con-
       tents  (uncompressed  if  necessary) are fed to cmp or diff.  The input
       files are not modified.  The exit status from cmp or diff is preserved.

       cmp(1),  diff(1),  zmore(1),  zgrep(1),  znew(1),  zforce(1),  gzip(1),

       Messages  from the cmp or diff programs may refer to file names such as
       "-" instead of to the file names specified.


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