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xfs_mdrestore(8)            System Manager's Manual           xfs_mdrestore(8)

       xfs_mdrestore - restores an XFS metadump image to a filesystem image

       xfs_mdrestore [ -g ] source target
       xfs_mdrestore -V

       xfs_mdrestore is a debugging tool that restores a metadata image gener-
       ated by xfs_metadump(8) to a filesystem. The source argument  specifies
       the  location  of  the metadump image and the target argument specifies
       the destination for the filesystem image.  If the source is -, then the
       metadata image is read from stdin. This allows the output of be another
       program  such  as  a  compression  application  to  be  redirected   to
       xfs_mdrestore.  The target can be either a file or a device.

       xfs_mdrestore  should  not be used to restore metadata onto an existing
       filesystem  unless  you  are  completely  certain  the  target  can  be

       -g     Shows restore progress on stdout.

       -V     Prints the version number and exits.

       xfs_mdrestore returns an exit code of 0 if all the metadata is success-
       fully restored or 1 if an error occurs.

       xfs_metadump(8), xfs_repair(8), xfs(5)

       Email bug reports to


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