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WHOIS.CONF(5)                  Debian GNU/Linux                  WHOIS.CONF(5)

       whois.conf - alternative WHOIS servers list for whois client


       This  file  contains a list of WHOIS servers which can augment or over-
       ride the built-in list of the client.

       It's a plain text file in ASCII encoding. Each  line  consists  of  two
       fields:  a pattern to match WHOIS object identifier and a corresponding
       WHOIS server domain name.

       Fields are separated by non-empty sequence of space or a tabular  char-
       acters.   A  line  starting with a hash character is a free comment and
       it's not considered.

       The pattern is case-insensitive extended regular  expression  if  whois
       client has been compiled with POSIX regular expressions support. Other-
       wise, simple case-insensitive suffix comparison  against  WHOIS  object
       identifier is used.

       Internationalized domain names (IDN) must be specified in ascii-compat-
       ible encoding (ACE) format.

       # Hangul Korean TLD
       # Private ASNs



       This manual page was written by Petr Pisa  <>  and  is
       licensed  under  the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2
       or higher.

Petr Pisa                        9 April 2013                    WHOIS.CONF(5)

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Some optimisations by Eli Argon
Caching idea and code contribution by James Richardson

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