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VGIMPORTCLONE(8)            System Manager's Manual           VGIMPORTCLONE(8)

       vgimportclone  --  import  and  rename  duplicated volume group (e.g. a
       hardware snapshot)

       vgimportclone [-n|--basevgname  VolumeGroupName]  [-i|--import]  Physi-
       calVolume [PhysicalVolume...]

       vgimportclone  is  used  to import a duplicated VG (e.g. hardware snap-
       shot).  Duplicate VG(s) and PV(s) are not able to be  used  until  they
       are  made  to  coexist  with the origin VG(s) and PV(s).  vgimportclone
       renames the VG associated with the  specified  PV(s)  and  changes  the
       associated VG and PV UUIDs.

       See lvm(8) for common options.

       -n, --basevgname VolumeGroupName
              By  default the snapshot VG will be renamed to the original name
              plus a numeric suffix to avoid duplicate naming (e.g.  'test_vg'
              would  be renamed to 'test_vg1').  This option will override the
              base VG name that is used for all VG renames.  If a  VG  already
              exists  with  the  specified name a numeric suffix will be added
              (like the previous example) to make it unique.

       -i, --import
              Import exported Volume Groups.  Otherwise  VGs  that  have  been
              exported will not be changed (nor will their associated PVs).

              The LVM2 binary to use. Defaults to "lvm".

       The  origin  VG "vg00" has origin PVs "/dev/sda" and "/dev/sdb" and the
       respective snapshot PVs are "/dev/sdc" and "/dev/sdd".  To  rename  the
       VG associated with "/dev/sdc" and "/dev/sdd" from "vg00" to "vg00_snap"
       (and to change associated VG and PV UUIDs) do:

       vgimportclone --basevgname vg00_snap /dev/sdc /dev/sdd

       lvm(8), vgrename(8)

Red Hat, Inc.         LVM TOOLS 2.02.111(2) (2014-09-01)      VGIMPORTCLONE(8)

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