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       systemd-efi-boot-generator - Generator for automatically mounting the
       EFI System Partition used by the current boot to /boot


       systemd-efi-boot-generator is a generator that automatically creates
       mount and automount units for the EFI System Partition (ESP), mounting
       it to /boot. Note that this generator will execute no operation on
       non-EFI systems, on systems where the boot loader does not communicate
       the used ESP to the OS, on systems where /boot is an explicitly
       configured mount (for example, listed in fstab(5)) or where the /boot
       mount point is non-empty. Since this generator creates an automount
       unit, the mount will only be activated on-demand, when accessed.

       systemd-efi-boot-generator implements the generator specification[1].

       systemd(1), systemd.mount(5), systemd.automount(5), systemd-gpt-auto-
       generator(8), gummiboot(8), fstab(5)

        1. generator specification

systemd 215                                      SYSTEMD-EFI-BOOT-GENERATOR(8)

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