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SUEXEC(8)                           suexec                           SUEXEC(8)

       suexec - Switch user before executing external programs

       suexec -V

       suexec  is  used  by  the  Apache HTTP Server to switch to another user
       before executing CGI programs. In order to achieve this, it must run as
       root.  Since  the  HTTP daemon normally doesn't run as root, the suexec
       executable needs the setuid bit set and  must  be  owned  by  root.  It
       should never be writable for any other person than root.

       For  further  information  about the concepts and the security model of
       suexec     please     refer     to     the     suexec     documentation

       -V     If  you  are  root,  this option displays the compile options of
              suexec. For  security  reasons  all  configuration  options  are
              changeable only at compile time.

Apache HTTP Server                2013-07-01                         SUEXEC(8)

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