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SPEED(1SSL)                         OpenSSL                        SPEED(1SSL)

       speed - test library performance

       openssl speed [-engine id] [md2] [mdc2] [md5] [hmac] [sha1] [rmd160]
       [idea-cbc] [rc2-cbc] [rc5-cbc] [bf-cbc] [des-cbc] [des-ede3] [rc4]
       [rsa512] [rsa1024] [rsa2048] [rsa4096] [dsa512] [dsa1024] [dsa2048]
       [idea] [rc2] [des] [rsa] [blowfish]

       This command is used to test the performance of cryptographic

       -engine id
           specifying an engine (by its unique id string) will cause speed to
           attempt to obtain a functional reference to the specified engine,
           thus initialising it if needed. The engine will then be set as the
           default for all available algorithms.

       [zero or more test algorithms]
           If any options are given, speed tests those algorithms, otherwise
           all of the above are tested.

1.0.1t                            2016-05-03                       SPEED(1SSL)

Czas wygenerowania: 0.01019 sek.

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