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SET_THREAD_AREA(2)         Linux Programmer's Manual        SET_THREAD_AREA(2)

       set_thread_area - set a thread local storage (TLS) area

       #include <linux/unistd.h>
       #include <asm/ldt.h>

       int set_thread_area(struct user_desc *u_info);

       Note: There is no glibc wrapper for this system call; see NOTES.

       set_thread_area()  sets  an  entry in the current thread's thread-local
       storage (TLS) array.  The TLS array entry set by set_thread_area() cor-
       responds  to  the  value of u_info->entry_number passed in by the user.
       If this value is in bounds, set_thread_area() copies the TLS descriptor
       pointed to by u_info into the thread's TLS array.

       When  set_thread_area() is passed an entry_number of -1, it uses a free
       TLS entry.  If set_thread_area() finds a free TLS entry, the  value  of
       u_info->entry_number  is  set  upon  return  to  show  which  entry was

       set_thread_area() returns 0 on success, and -1 on failure,  with  errno
       set appropriately.

       EINVAL u_info->entry_number is out of bounds.

       EFAULT u_info is an invalid pointer.

       ESRCH  A free TLS entry could not be located.

       A version of set_thread_area() first appeared in Linux 2.5.29.

       set_thread_area()  is Linux-specific and should not be used in programs
       that are intended to be portable.

       Glibc does not provide a wrapper for this system call, since it is gen-
       erally  intended  only for use by threading libraries.  In the unlikely
       event that you want to call it directly, use syscall(2).


       This page is part of release 3.74 of the Linux  man-pages  project.   A
       description  of  the project, information about reporting bugs, and the
       latest    version    of    this    page,    can     be     found     at

Linux                             2012-07-13                SET_THREAD_AREA(2)

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