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SCTP_OPT_INFO(3)           Linux Programmer's Manual          SCTP_OPT_INFO(3)

       sctp_optinfo - Get options on a SCTP socket.

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/socket.h>
       #include <netinet/sctp.h>

       int sctp_opt_info(int sd, sctp_assoc_t id, int opt,
                         void * arg, socklen_t * size);

       sctp_opt_info  is  a  wrapper  library function that can be used to get
       SCTP level options on a socket.  sd is the socket descriptor for  which
       the  option  is  requested. For one-to-many style sockets, id specifies
       the association to query. For one-to-one style sockets, id is  ignored.
       opt  specifes the SCTP socket option to get.  arg is an option-specific
       structure buffer provided by the caller.  size is a value-result param-
       eter, initially containing the size of the buffer pointed to by arg and
       modifed on return to indicate the actual size of the value returned.

       On success, sctp_opt_info returns 0 and on failure -1 is returned  with
       errno set to the appropriate error code.

       sctp(7) sctp_bindx(3), sctp_connectx(3), sctp_sendmsg(3), sctp_send(3),
       sctp_recvmsg(3), sctp_peeloff(3), sctp_getpaddrs(3), sctp_getladdrs(3),

Linux 2.6                         2004-01-30                  SCTP_OPT_INFO(3)

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