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RUNLEVEL(8)                        runlevel                        RUNLEVEL(8)

       runlevel - Print previous and current SysV runlevel

       runlevel [options...]

       runlevel prints the previous and current SysV runlevel if they are

       The two runlevel characters are separated by a single space character.
       If a runlevel cannot be determined, N is printed instead. If neither
       can be determined, the word "unknown" is printed.

       Unless overridden in the environment, this will check the utmp database
       for recent runlevel changes.

       The following option is understood:

           Print a short help text and exit.

       If one or both runlevels could be determined, 0 is returned, a non-zero
       failure code otherwise.

           If $RUNLEVEL is set, runlevel will print this value as current
           runlevel and ignore utmp.

           If $PREVLEVEL is set, runlevel will print this value as previous
           runlevel and ignore utmp.

           The utmp database runlevel reads the previous and current runlevel

       This is a legacy command available for compatibility only. It should
       not be used anymore, as the concept of runlevels is obsolete.

       systemd(1), systemctl(1)

systemd 215                                                        RUNLEVEL(8)

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