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RTACCT(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  RTACCT(8)

       nstat, rtacct - network statistics tools.

       Usage: nstat [ -h?vVzrnasd:t: ] [ PATTERN [ PATTERN ] ]
       Usage: rtacct [ -h?vVzrnasd:t: ] [ ListOfRealms ]

       nstat  and  rtacct are simple tools to monitor kernel snmp counters and
       network interface statistics.

       -h, --help Print help

       -V, --version
              Print version

       -z, --zero
              Dump zero counters too. By default they are not shown.

       -r, --reset
              Reset history.

       -n, --nooutput
              Do not display anything, only update history.

       -a, --ignore
              Dump absolute values of counters. The default  is  to  calculate
              increments since the previous use.

       -s, --noupdate
              Do  not update history, so that the next time you will see coun-
              ters including values accumulated to the moment of this measure-
              ment too.  -j, --json Display results in JSON format.

       -d, --interval <INTERVAL>
              Run in daemon mode collecting statistics. <INTERVAL> is interval
              between measurements in seconds.

       Time interval to average rates. Default value is 60 seconds.

       SEE ALSO

                                 27 June, 2007                       RTACCT(8)

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