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PTHREAD_SELF(3)            Linux Programmer's Manual           PTHREAD_SELF(3)

       pthread_self - obtain ID of the calling thread

       #include <pthread.h>

       pthread_t pthread_self(void);

       Compile and link with -pthread.

       The pthread_self() function returns the ID of the calling thread.  This
       is the same value that is returned in *thread in the  pthread_create(3)
       call that created this thread.

       This function always succeeds, returning the calling thread's ID.

       This function always succeeds.

   Multithreading (see pthreads(7))
       The pthread_self() function is thread-safe.


       POSIX.1 allows an implementation wide freedom in choosing the type used
       to represent a thread ID; for example, representation using  either  an
       arithmetic  type  or a structure is permitted.  Therefore, variables of
       type pthread_t can't portably be compared using the C equality operator
       (==); use pthread_equal(3) instead.

       Thread  identifiers  should  be considered opaque: any attempt to use a
       thread ID other than in pthreads calls is nonportable and can  lead  to
       unspecified results.

       Thread IDs are guaranteed to be unique only within a process.  A thread
       ID may be reused after a  terminated  thread  has  been  joined,  or  a
       detached thread has terminated.

       The  thread  ID returned by pthread_self() is not the same thing as the
       kernel thread ID returned by a call to gettid(2).

       pthread_create(3), pthread_equal(3), pthreads(7)

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