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PTAR(1)                Perl Programmers Reference Guide                PTAR(1)

           ptar - a tar-like program written in perl

           ptar is a small, tar look-alike program that uses the perl module
           Archive::Tar to extract, create and list tar archives.

           ptar -c [-v] [-z] [-C] [-f ARCHIVE_FILE | -] FILE FILE ...
           ptar -c [-v] [-z] [-C] [-T index | -] [-f ARCHIVE_FILE | -]
           ptar -x [-v] [-z] [-f ARCHIVE_FILE | -]
           ptar -t [-z] [-f ARCHIVE_FILE | -]
           ptar -h

           c   Create ARCHIVE_FILE or STDOUT (-) from FILE
           x   Extract from ARCHIVE_FILE or STDIN (-)
           t   List the contents of ARCHIVE_FILE or STDIN (-)
           f   Name of the ARCHIVE_FILE to use. Default is './default.tar'
           z   Read/Write zlib compressed ARCHIVE_FILE (not always available)
           v   Print filenames as they are added or extracted from ARCHIVE_FILE
           h   Prints this help message
           C   CPAN mode - drop 022 from permissions
           T   get names to create from file

           tar(1), L<Archive::Tar>.

perl v5.20.2                      2018-11-30                           PTAR(1)

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