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PS2PDFWR(1)                       Ghostscript                      PS2PDFWR(1)

       ps2pdfwr  -  Convert  PostScript  to PDF without specifying Compatibil-
       ityLevel, using ghostscript

       ps2pdfwr  [options...] {input.[e]ps|-} [output.pdf|-]

       This wrapper script invokes gs(1) with following arguments

                       -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite

       as well as the appropriate -dOutputFile argument, all preceded and fol-
       lowed  by  any  command-line  arguments.  Finally,  the security option
       -dSAFER is prepended before all the other options.

       The version-specific ps2pdf scripts all invoke this one with the  addi-
       tion of the respective compatibility level option.

       gs(1), ps2pdf(1)

       This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 9.26.

       Artifex  Software,  Inc.  are  the  primary maintainers of Ghostscript.
       This manpage by George Ferguson.

9.26                           20 November 2018                    PS2PDFWR(1)

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