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ppmdim(1)                   General Commands Manual                  ppmdim(1)

       ppmdim - dim a portable pixmap down to total blackness

       ppmdim dimfactor [ppmfile]

       Reads  a  portable  pixmap  as  input. Diminishes its brightness by the
       specified dimfactor down to total blackness.  The dimfactor may  be  in
       the  range  from 0.0 (total blackness, deep night, nada, null, nothing)
       to 1.0 (original picture's brightness).

       As pnmgamma does not do the brightness correction in the way  I  wanted
       it, this small program was written.

       ppmdim is similar to ppmbrighten , but not exactly the same.

       ppm(5), ppmflash(1), pnmgamma(1), ppmbrighten(1)

       Copyright (C) 1993 by Frank Neumann

                               16 November 1993                      ppmdim(1)

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