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pnmtosgi(1)                 General Commands Manual                pnmtosgi(1)

       pnmtosgi - convert a portable anymap to a SGI image file

       pnmtosgi [-verbatim|-rle] [-imagename Name] [pnmfile]

       Reads a portable anymap as input. Produces an SGI image file as output.
       The SGI image will be 2-dimensional (1 channel) for PBM and PGM  input,
       and 3-dimensional (3 channels) for PPM.

              Write an uncompressed file.

       -rle (default)
              Write a compressed (run length encoded) file.

       -imagename name
              Write  the string "name" into the imagename field of the header.
              The name string is limited to 79  characters.   If  no  name  is
              given, pnmtosgi writes "no name" into this field.


       SGI  Image  File  Format  documentation  (draft v0.95) by Paul Haeberli
       (  Available via ftp at

       pnm(5), sgitopnm(1)

       Copyright (C) 1994 by  Ingo  Wilken  (Ingo.Wilken@informatik.uni-olden-

                                29 Januar 1994                     pnmtosgi(1)

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