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PMA-CONFIGURE(8)            System Manager's Manual           PMA-CONFIGURE(8)

       pma-configure - enables configuration of phpMyAdmin installation


       pma-configure changes permissions on the configuration file of phpMyAd-
       min, so that the setup  script  (usually  installed  as  <http://local-
       host/phpmyadmin/setup/index.php>) can write to it.

       Please  note  that  having  the  system  in this state may be insecure.
       Remember to run pma-secure(8) after you are done with configuration.

       This program does not accept any command line parameters.



       This  manual  page  and  the  script  were  written  by  Michal   Cihar

                               October 14, 2009               PMA-CONFIGURE(8)

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