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PKEYPARAM(1SSL)                     OpenSSL                    PKEYPARAM(1SSL)

       pkeyparam - public key algorithm parameter processing tool

       openssl pkeyparam [-in filename] [-out filename] [-text] [-noout]
       [-engine id]

       The pkey command processes public or private keys. They can be
       converted between various forms and their components printed out.

       -in filename
           This specifies the input filename to read parameters from or
           standard input if this option is not specified.

       -out filename
           This specifies the output filename to write parameters to or
           standard output if this option is not specified.

           prints out the parameters in plain text in addition to the encoded

           do not output the encoded version of the parameters.

       -engine id
           specifying an engine (by its unique id string) will cause pkeyparam
           to attempt to obtain a functional reference to the specified
           engine, thus initialising it if needed. The engine will then be set
           as the default for all available algorithms.

       Print out text version of parameters:

        openssl pkeyparam -in param.pem -text

       There are no -inform or -outform options for this command because only
       PEM format is supported because the key type is determined by the PEM

       genpkey(1), rsa(1), pkcs8(1), dsa(1), genrsa(1), gendsa(1)

1.0.1t                            2016-05-03                   PKEYPARAM(1SSL)

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