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PERSONALITY(2)             Linux Programmer's Manual            PERSONALITY(2)

       personality - set the process execution domain

       #include <sys/personality.h>

       int personality(unsigned long persona);

       Linux  supports different execution domains, or personalities, for each
       process.  Among other things, execution domains tell Linux how  to  map
       signal numbers into signal actions.  The execution domain system allows
       Linux to provide limited support  for  binaries  compiled  under  other
       UNIX-like operating systems.

       If persona is not 0xffffffff, then personality() sets the caller's exe-
       cution domain to the value specified by persona.  Specifying persona as
       0xffffffff  provides  a  way  of retrieving the current persona without
       changing it.

       A list of the available execution domains can be found in  <sys/person-

       On  success,  the  previous  persona  is  returned.   On  error,  -1 is
       returned, and errno is set appropriately.

       EINVAL The kernel was unable to change the personality.

       personality() is Linux-specific and should  not  be  used  in  programs
       intended to be portable.

       This  page  is  part of release 3.74 of the Linux man-pages project.  A
       description of the project, information about reporting bugs,  and  the
       latest     version     of     this    page,    can    be    found    at

Linux                             2014-04-15                    PERSONALITY(2)

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