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pbmtobbnbg(1)               General Commands Manual              pbmtobbnbg(1)

       pbmtobbnbg - convert a portable bitmap into BitGraph graphics

       pbmtobbnbg [rasterop] [x y] < pbmfile

       Reads  a portable bitmap as input.  Produces BBN BitGraph terminal Dis-
       play Pixel Data (DPD) sequence as output.

       The rasterop can be specified on the command line.  If this is omitted,
       3  (replace) will be used.  A position in (x,y) coordinates can also be
       specified.  If both are given, the rasterop comes first.  The  portable
       bitmap is always taken from the standard input.

       Note that there is no bgtopbm tool.

       This programm was initially named pbmtobg.


       Copyright 1989 by Mike Parker.

                                  16 May 1989                    pbmtobbnbg(1)

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