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passenger-status(8)         Adminstration Commands         passenger-status(8)

       passenger-status - inspect Phusion Passenger's internal status

       passenger-status [pid]

       passenger-status  looks  at  the  current status of a Phusion Passenger
       installation. It will locate Phusion Passenger automatically if  it  is
       running and will give you a list of instances if there is more than one
       Phusion Passenger instance running. You can then select the instance by
       specifying the relevant PID on the command line.

       The general information section shows the following details:

       max    The maximum number of application instances that Phusion Passen-
              ger will spawn. This equals the value  given  for  PassengerMax-
              PoolSize in the configuration.

       count  The  number  of  application instances that are currently alive.
              This value is always less than or equal to max.

       active The number of application instances that are currently  process-
              ing requests. This value is always less than or equal to count.

              The  number of application instances that are currently not pro-
              cessing requests, i.e. are idle. Idle application instances will
              be  shutdown  after a while, as can be specified with Passenger-
              PoolIdleTime in the configuration. The value of inactive  equals
              count - active.

       The  applications section shows each application instance, which direc-
       tory it belongs to. The sessions field shows how many HTTP  client  are
       currently being processed by that application instance.

       pid    The  process  ID  of  the Phusion Passenger instance you want to
              look at

       passenger-memory-stats(8), ps(1), top(1)

       User guide  at

       Phusion Passenger is written by Phusion (

       "Phusion"  and  "Phusion Passenger" are trademarks of Hongli Lai & Ninh

       This manual page was written by Neil Wilson <>  for
       the Ubuntu project (but may be used by others).

Phusion Passenger                     2.0                  passenger-status(8)

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