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OFFSETOF(3)                Linux Programmer's Manual               OFFSETOF(3)

       offsetof - offset of a structure member

       #include <stddef.h>

       size_t offsetof(type, member);

       The  macro  offsetof()  returns the offset of the field member from the
       start of the structure type.

       This macro is useful because the sizes of the  fields  that  compose  a
       structure  can  vary  across  implementations, and compilers may insert
       different numbers of padding bytes between  fields.   Consequently,  an
       element's  offset  is  not necessarily given by the sum of the sizes of
       the previous elements.

       A compiler error will result if member is not aligned to a byte  bound-
       ary (i.e., it is a bit field).

       offsetof()  returns  the  offset  of  the given member within the given
       type, in units of bytes.

       C89, C99, POSIX.1-2001.

       On a Linux/i386 system, when compiled using the default gcc(1) options,
       the program below produces the following output:

           $ ./a.out
           offsets: i=0; c=4; d=8 a=16
           sizeof(struct s)=16

   Program source

       #include <stddef.h>
       #include <stdio.h>
       #include <stdlib.h>

           struct s {
               int i;
               char c;
               double d;
               char a[];

           /* Output is compiler dependent */

           printf("offsets: i=%zd; c=%zd; d=%zd a=%zd\n",
                   offsetof(struct s, i), offsetof(struct s, c),
                   offsetof(struct s, d), offsetof(struct s, a));
           printf("sizeof(struct s)=%zd\n", sizeof(struct s));


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GNU                               2014-04-06                       OFFSETOF(3)

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