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NTP-KEYGEN(8)               System Manager's Manual              NTP-KEYGEN(8)

       ntp-keygen - generate public and private keys

       ntp-keygen [ -deGgHIMnPT ] [ -c [RSA-MD2 | RSA-MD5 | RSA-SHA | RSA-SHA1
       | RSA-MDC2 | RSA-RIPEMD160 | DSA-SHA | DSA-SHA1 ] ] [ -i name  ]  [  -p
       password ] [ -S [ RSA | DSA ] ] [ -s name ] [ -v nkeys ]

       This  program  generates  cryptographic  data  files  used by the NTPv4
       authentication and identification schemes. It generates MD5  key  files
       used  in  symmetric key cryptography. In addition, if the OpenSSL soft-
       ware library has been installed, it  generates  keys,  certificate  and
       identity  files  used  in public key cryptography. These files are used
       for cookie encryption, digital signature and challenge/response identi-
       fication  algorithms compatible with the Internet standard security in-

       /usr/share/doc/ntp-doc/html/keygen.html for the full documentation.

Network Time Protocol           October 7, 2006                  NTP-KEYGEN(8)

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