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MKFS.BFS(8)                  System Administration                 MKFS.BFS(8)

       mkfs.bfs - make an SCO bfs filesystem

       mkfs.bfs [options] device [block-count]

       mkfs.bfs  creates  an  SCO  bfs filesystem on a block device (usually a
       disk partition or a file accessed via the loop device).

       The block-count parameter is the desired size  of  the  filesystem,  in
       blocks.  If nothing is specified, the entire partition will be used.

       -N, --inodes number
              Specify  the desired number of inodes (at most 512).  If nothing
              is specified, some default number in the range 48-512 is  picked
              depending on the size of the partition.

       -V, --vname label
              Specify the volume label.  I have no idea if/where this is used.

       -F, --fname name
              Specify  the  filesystem  name.  I have no idea if/where this is

       -v, --verbose
              Explain what is being done.

       -c     This option is silently ignored.

       -l     This option is silently ignored.

       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit.  Option -V only  works  as
              --version when it is the only option.

       The  exit code returned by mkfs.bfs is 0 when all went well, and 1 when
       something went wrong.


       The mkfs.bfs command is part of the util-linux package and is available

util-linux                         July 2011                       MKFS.BFS(8)

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