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       memcached_server_list_free - libmemcached Documentation

       #include <libmemcached/memcached.h>

       const memcached_instance_st *



       const    const   memcached_instance_st   *   memcached_server_list(mem-
       cached_st *ptr)

       void memcached_server_list_free(memcached_server_list_st list)

       memcached_server_list_st                 memcached_server_list_append(-
       memcached_server_list_st list,  const  char *hostname,  in_port_t port,
       memcached_return_t *error)

       uint32_t memcached_server_list_count(memcached_server_list_st list)

       const    char    *memcached_server_error(const    memcached_instance_st
       * instance)

       void memcached_server_error_reset(const memcached_instance_st * list)

       Deprecated since version 0.39.

       void memcached_servers_parse()

       Deprecated since version 0.39.

       Compile and link with -lmemcached

       libmemcached(3)  operates  on  a  list  of  hosts  which  are stored in
       memcached_server_st structures. You should not modify these  structures
       directly.  Functions  are provided to modify these structures (and more
       can be added, just ask!).

       memcached_server_list() is used to provide  an  array  of  all  defined
       hosts. This was incorrectly documented as "requiring free" up till ver-
       sion 0.39.

       memcached_server_list_free() deallocates all memory associated with the
       array of memcached_server_st that you passed to it.

       memcached_server_list_append()   adds   a   server  to  the  end  of  a
       memcached_server_st array. On error null will be returned and the  mem-
       cached_return_t  pointer  you passed into the function will be set with
       the appropriate error. If the value of port is zero, it is set  to  the
       default port of a memcached server.

       DEPRECATED memcached_servers_parse(), please see memcached()

       memcached_server_error()  can  be  used to look at the text of the last
       error message sent by the server to to the client.

       Before version 0.39 theses functions used a  memcache_server_st  *.  In
       0.39  memcached_server_st  *  was  aliased to memcached_server_list_st.
       This was done for a style reason to help clean up some concepts in  the

       Varies, see particular functions.

       To find out more information please check:

       memcached(1) libmemcached(3) memcached_strerror(3)

       Brian Aker

       2011-2013, Brian Aker DataDifferential,

1.0.18                         February 09, 2014 MEMCACHED_SERVER_LIST_FREE(3)

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