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LVMETAD(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 LVMETAD(8)

       lvmetad -- LVM metadata cache daemon

       lvmetad  [-l  {all|wire|debug}] [-p pidfile_path] [-s socket_path] [-f]
       [-h] [-V] [-?]

       lvmetad is a metadata caching daemon for LVM. The daemon receives noti-
       fications from udev rules (which must be installed for LVM to work cor-
       rectly when lvmetad is in use). Through  these  notifications,  lvmetad
       has  an  up-to-date and consistent image of the volume groups available
       in the system.

       lvmetad is used by LVM only if it is enabled in lvm.conf(5) by specify-
       ing  the  global/use_lvmetad setting. If this is not defined in the LVM
       configuration explicitly then default setting is used instead (see  the
       output of lvm dumpconfig --type default global/use_lvmetad command).

       To  run  the daemon in a test environment both the pidfile_path and the
       socket_path should be changed from the defaults.

       -f     Don't fork, but run in the foreground.

       -h, -? Show help information.

       -l {all|wire|debug}
              Select the type of  log  messages  to  generate.   Messages  are
              logged  by syslog.  Additionally, when -f is given they are also
              sent to standard error.  Since release 2.02.98,  there  are  two
              classes  of  messages: wire and debug.  Selecting 'all' supplies
              both and is equivalent to a comma-separated list -l  wire,debug.
              Prior  to  release 2.02.98, repeating -d from 1 to 3 times, viz.
              -d, -dd, -ddd, increased the detail of messages.

       -p pidfile_path
              Path to the pidfile. This overrides both  the  built-in  default
              (/run/ and the environment variable LVM_LVMETAD_PID-
              FILE.  This file is used to prevent more than  one  instance  of
              the daemon running simultaneously.

       -s socket_path
              Path  to  the  socket  file.  This  overrides  both the built-in
              default (/run/lvm/lvmetad.socket) and the  environment  variable
              LVM_LVMETAD_SOCKET.   To  communicate successfully with lvmetad,
              all LVM2 processes should use the same socket path.

       -V     Display the version of lvmetad daemon.

              Path for the pid file.

              Path for the socket file.

       lvm(8), lvm.conf(5)

Red Hat Inc           LVM TOOLS 2.02.111(2) (2014-09-01)            LVMETAD(8)

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