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libxslt(3)                 Library Functions Manual                 libxslt(3)

       libxslt - library used to do XSL transformations on XML documents

       The  libxslt library is used to do XSL transformations on XML documents
       that have been loaded into memory with functions from libxml.

                             static library

                             sharable library

                             binary application to do XSL  transformations  on
                             the command line

       Daniel  Veillard  (   If  you download and install
       this  package  look  at  instructions  on  the  Web  site   http://xml- .  Manual page by Heiko W. Rupp (

       libexslt(3), libxml(3), xsltproc(1), xmllint(1)

                                30 August 2001                      libxslt(3)

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