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jk_cp(8)                             jk_cp                            jk_cp(8)

       jk_cp  -  a  utility  to copy files including permissions and libraries
       into a jail

       jk_cp -j jail source

       jk_cp -v -k -f -j jail source

       jk_cp will copy any file into a jail on the  identical  location,  with
       identical   permissions   and  (if  required)  including  any  required
       libraries. It will remove any set user id  (setuid)  or  set  group  id
       (setgid) permissions from all files and directories copied.

       jk_cp -j /home/testchroot /usr/bin/cvs

       will  copy  /usr/bin/cvs  to  /home/testchroot/usr/bin/cvs, and it will
       copy the libraries used by cvs also to the jail.

       jk_cp -k -j /svr/testjail /usr/bin/firefox /usr/share/firefox

       will hardlink /usr/bin/firefox and all files in /usr/share/firefox into
       jail /svr/testjail

       -j --jail
              The  destination  jail. If no jail is specified, the first argu-
              ment is used as jail for backwards compatibility

       -f --force
              Force overwriting of existing files

       -k --hardlink
              Try to create hardlinks instead of copying the files. If linking
              fails it falls back to copying.

       -o --owner
              Retains  the  file  ownership  and  group when copying files and

       -v --verbose
              Will give verbose output

       -h --help
              The help screen

       jailkit(8)  jk_check(8)  jk_chrootlaunch(8)  jk_chrootsh(8)  jk_init(8)
       jk_jailuser(8) jk_list(8) jk_lsh(8) jk_procmailwrapper(8) jk_socketd(8)
       jk_uchroot(8) jk_update(8) chroot(2)


       Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,  2009,  2010  Olivier

       Copying  and  distribution  of this file, with or without modification,
       are permitted in any medium  without  royalty  provided  the  copyright
       notice and this notice are preserved.

JAILKIT                           07-02-2010                          jk_cp(8)

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