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infotocap(1)                General Commands Manual               infotocap(1)

       infotocap - convert a terminfo description into a termcap description

       infotocap [-vn width]  [-V] [-1] [-w width] file . . .

       infotocap looks in each given text file for terminfo descriptions.  For
       each terminfo description found, an equivalent termcap  description  is
       written  to  standard output.  Terminfo use capabilities are translated
       directly to termcap tc capabilities.

       -v   print out tracing information on standard  error  as  the  program

       -V   print  out the version of the program in use on standard error and

       -1   cause the fields to print out  one  to  a  line.   Otherwise,  the
            fields  will be printed several to a line to a maximum width of 60

       -w   change the output to width characters.

       /etc/terminfo       Compiled terminal description database.

       This utility is actually a link to tic, running in -C  mode.   You  can
       use other tic options such as -f and  -x.

       ncurses(3NCURSES), tic(1), infocmp(1), terminfo(5)

       This describes ncurses version 5.9 (patch 20140913).

       Eric S. Raymond <> and
       Thomas E. Dickey <>


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