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HASHKIT_CLONE(3)                 libmemcached                 HASHKIT_CLONE(3)

       hashkit_clone - libhashkit Documentation

       #include <libhashkit/hashkit.h>


       hashkit_st *hashkit_create(hashkit_st *hash)

       hashkit_st         *hashkit_clone(hashkit_st *destination,        const
       hashkit_st *ptr)

       void hashkit_free(hashkit_st *hash)

       bool hashkit_is_allocated(const hashkit_st *hash)

       Compile and link with -lhashkit

       The hashkit_create() function initializes a hashkit object for use.  If
       you  pass  a  NULL argument for hash, then the memory for the object is
       allocated. If you specify a pre-allocated piece of memory, that is ini-
       tialized for use.

       The  hashkit_clone()  function  initializes  a hashkit object much like
       hashkit_create(), but instead of using default settings it will use the
       settings of the ptr hashkit object.

       The  hashkit_free()  frees  any resources being consumed by the hashkit
       objects that were initialized with hashkit_create() or hashkit_clone().

       The hashkit_is_allocated() reports where the memory was allocated for a
       hashkit object.

       hashkit_create()  and  hashkit_clone()  will  return NULL on failure or
       non-NULL on success.

       hashkit_is_allocated() returns true  if  the  memory  for  the  hashkit
       object  was  allocated  inside  of hashkit_create() or hashkit_clone(),
       otherwise it is false and was user-supplied memory.

       To find out more information please check:

       hashkit_create(3) hashkit_value(3) hashkit_set_hash_fn(3)

       Brian Aker

       2011-2013, Brian Aker DataDifferential,

1.0.18                         February 09, 2014              HASHKIT_CLONE(3)

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