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GIT-MERGE-TREE(1)                 Git Manual                 GIT-MERGE-TREE(1)

       git-merge-tree - Show three-way merge without touching index

       git merge-tree <base-tree> <branch1> <branch2>

       Reads three tree-ish, and output trivial merge results and conflicting
       stages to the standard output. This is similar to what three-way git
       read-tree -m does, but instead of storing the results in the index, the
       command outputs the entries to the standard output.

       This is meant to be used by higher level scripts to compute merge
       results outside of the index, and stuff the results back into the
       index. For this reason, the output from the command omits entries that
       match the <branch1> tree.

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 2.1.4                         04/23/2020                 GIT-MERGE-TREE(1)

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