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getmails(1)                      User Commands                     getmails(1)

       getmails - wrapper for getmail to access multiple mailboxes

       getmails [OPTION] ...

       getmails is a wrapper script for getmail to retrieve messages with mul-
       tiple independent configuration files ~/.getmail/config/* instead of  a
       single ~/.getmailrc file.

       The option provided as OPTION is passed to getmail.

       The  existance  of  ~/.getmail/stop  can prevent this wrapper script to
       execute getmail.

       Report bugs to the getmail4 debian package if bugs are in this  wrapper

       Copyright 2011 Osamu Aoki
       This  is  free  software;  see the file COPYING for copying conditions.
       There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS  FOR  A

getmail 4                        November 2011                     getmails(1)

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