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getmail_mbox(1)                  User Commands                 getmail_mbox(1)

       getmail_mbox - read a message from stdin and deliver to a named mboxrd-
       format mbox file with fcntl-style locking.

       getmail_mbox [OPTION] PATH

       Deliver a mail message from standard input, to the  mboxrd-format  mbox
       file  named  PATH.   PATH must start with a dot or a slash and must not
       end with a slash.  fcntl-type locking is used; if your system  requires
       another type of locking (such as flock or dotlock ), use an MDA config-
       ured for that style of locking instead.

       getmail_mbox uses  the  SENDER  environment  variable  to  construct  a
       Return-Path: header field and the contents of the RECIPIENT environment
       variable to construct a Delivered-To: header field at the  top  of  the
       message.  SENDER is also used in creating the mbox From_ line.

       --verbose, -v
              print a status message on success

       Written by Charles Cazabon.

       Report bugs to <>.

       Copyright (C) 1998-2009 Charles Cazabon
       This  is  free  software;  see the file COPYING for copying conditions.
       There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY  or  FITNESS  FOR  A

       The  full  documentation  for  getmail_mbox  is  maintained in HTML and
       plaintext formats.  See the included files for details.

getmail 4                          July 2004                   getmail_mbox(1)

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