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ffi_prep_cif_var(3)      BSD Library Functions Manual      ffi_prep_cif_var(3)

     ffi_prep_cif_var -- Prepare a ffi_cif structure for use with ffi_call for
     variadic functions.

     #include <ffi.h>

     ffi_prep_cif_var(ffi_cif *cif, ffi_abi abi, unsigned int nfixedargs,
         unsigned int ntotalargs, ffi_type *rtype, ffi_type **atypes);

     The ffi_prep_cif_var function prepares a ffi_cif structure for use with
     ffi_call for variadic functions.  abi specifies a set of calling conven-
     tions to use.  atypes is an array of ntotalargs pointers to ffi_type
     structs that describe the data type, size and alignment of each argument.
     rtype points to an ffi_type that describes the data type, size and align-
     ment of the return value.  nfixedargs must contain the number of fixed
     (non-variadic) arguments.  Note that to call a non-variadic function
     ffi_prep_cif must be used.

     Upon successful completion, ffi_prep_cif_var returns FFI_OK.  It will
     return FFI_BAD_TYPEDEF if cif is NULL or atypes or rtype is malformed. If
     abi does not refer to a valid ABI, FFI_BAD_ABI will be returned. Avail-
     able ABIs are defined in <ffitarget.h>

     ffi(3), ffi_call(3), ffi_prep_cif(3)

                               January 25, 2011

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