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dpkg-vendor(1)                    dpkg suite                    dpkg-vendor(1)

       dpkg-vendor - queries information about distribution vendors

       dpkg-vendor [option...] command

       dpkg-vendor  is  a  tool  to  query information about vendors listed in
       /etc/dpkg/origins. /etc/dpkg/origins/default contains information about
       the current vendor.

       --is vendor
              Exits  with  0  if the current vendor is vendor. Otherwise exits
              with non-zero.

       --derives-from vendor
              Exits with 0 if the current vendor distribution is a  derivative
              of  vendor,  otherwise  exits  with non-zero. It uses the Parent
              field to browse all ancestors of the current vendor.

       --query field
              Print on standard output the value of the vendor-specific  field
              for the current vendor.

       --help Show the usage message and exit.

              Show the version and exit.

       --vendor vendor
              Assumes  the  current vendor is vendor instead of discovering it
              with  the  DEB_VENDOR  environment  variable  or  /etc/dpkg/ori-

              This  setting  defines  the  current vendor. If not set, it will
              discover  the   current   vendor   by   reading   /etc/dpkg/ori-


Debian Project                    2011-11-10                    dpkg-vendor(1)

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Created with the man page lookup class by Andrew Collington.
Based on a C man page viewer by Vadim Pavlov
Unicode soft-hyphen fix (as used by RedHat) by Dan Edwards
Some optimisations by Eli Argon
Caching idea and code contribution by James Richardson

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