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DOVEADM-WHO(1)                      Dovecot                     DOVEADM-WHO(1)

       doveadm-who - Show who is logged in to the Dovecot server

       doveadm  [-Dv]  [-f  formatter]  who [-1] [-a anvil_socket_path] [user]

       The who command is used to show which users from which hosts  are  cur-
       rently connected to which service.

       Global doveadm(1) options:

       -D     Enables verbosity and debug messages.

       -f formatter
              Specifies  the  formatter  for formatting the output.  Supported
              formatters are:

              flow   prints each line with key=value pairs.

              pager  prints each key: value pair on its own line and separates
                     records with form feed character (^L).

              tab    prints  a  table  header  followed by tab separated value

              table  prints a table header followed by adjusted value lines.

       -v     Enables verbosity, including progress counter.

       This command uses by default the output formatter table.

       Command specific options:

       -1     Print one line per user and connection.  Otherwise  the  connec-
              tions are grouped by the username.

       -a anvil_socket_path
              This  option  is  used  to  specify  an alternative socket.  The
              option's argument is either an absolute path  to  a  local  UNIX
              domain  socket, or a hostname and port (hostname:port), in order
              to connect a remote host via a TCP socket.

              By  default  doveadm(1)  will  use  the  socket   /var/run/dove-
              cot/anvil.  The socket may be located in another directory, when
              the  default  base_dir  setting  was  overridden  in  /etc/dove-

              Specify  an  ip  address  or network range, in CIDR notation, to
              reduce the result to matching connections.

       user   List only users, whose name match user.  It's also  possible  to
              use wildcards in the user name.

       Show authenticated sessions, filtered by the client's IP address.

       doveadm who ::1
       username                       # proto (pids)        (ips)
       jane                           2 imap  (30155 30412) (::1)
       doveadm who
       username                        # proto (pids)  (ips)                1 imap  (30257) (

       Show authenticated sessions, filtered by username.

       doveadm who pvo
       username         # proto (pids)                    (ips)
       pvo              1 sieve (30343)                   (fd95:4eed:38ba::25)
       pvo              4 imap  (25693 25686 25679 25669) (fd95:4eed:38ba::25)
       doveadm who ja*
       username                    # proto (pids)        (ips)
       james                       1 imap  (30091)       (
       jane                        2 imap  (30155 30412) (::1)

       Report  bugs, including doveconf -n output, to the Dovecot Mailing List
       <>.  Information about reporting bugs  is  available

       doveadm(1), doveadm-kick(1)

Dovecot v2.2                      2010-07-12                    DOVEADM-WHO(1)

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