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DH_PYTHON3(1)                                                    DH_PYTHON3(1)

       dh_python3 - calculates Python dependencies, adds maintainer scripts to
       byte compile files, etc.

          dh_python3 -p PACKAGE [-V [X.Y][-][A.B]] DIR [-X REGEXPR]

          o if  necessary,  describe   supported   Python   3   versions   via
            X-Python3-Version field in debian/control,

          o build-depend on python3 or python3-all or python3-all-dev,

          o build module/application using its standard build system, remember
            to build extensions for all supported Python 3 versions (loop over
            py3versions -vr),

          o install  files to the standard locations, add --install-layout=deb
            to's install command if your package is using distutils,

          o add python3 to dh's --with option, or:

          o include       /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/       in
            debian/rules and depend on cdbs (>= 0.4.90), or:

          o call dh_python3 in the binary-* target,

          o add ${python3:Depends} to Depends

       dh_python3  tries  to  translate  Python dependencies from requires.txt
       file  to   Debian   dependencies.   Use   debian/py3dist-overrides   or
       --no-guessing-deps  option to override it if the guess is incorrect. If
       you want dh_python3 to generate more strict dependencies (f.e. to avoid
       ABI    problems)    create    debian/python3-foo.pydist    file.    See
       /usr/share/doc/dh-python/README.PyDist for  more  information.  If  the
       pydist  file  contains  PEP386  flag  or  set  of  (uscan  like) rules,
       dh_python3 will make the depedency versioned (version requirements  are
       ignored by default).

   private dirs
       /usr/share/foo,       /usr/share/games/foo,       /usr/lib/foo      and
       /usr/lib/games/foo private directories are scanned for Python files  by
       default (where foo is binary package name). If your package is shipping
       Python files in some other directory, add another  dh_python3  call  in
       debian/rules with directory name as an argument - you can use different
       set of options in this call. If you need to change options (f.e. a list
       of supported Python 3 versions) for a private directory that is checked
       by default,  invoke  dh_python3  with  --skip-private  option  and  add
       another call with a path to this directory and new options.

   debug packages
       In   binary   packages   which  name  ends  with  -dbg,  all  files  in
       /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ directory that have extensions  differ-
       ent  than so or h are removed by default.  Use --no-dbg-cleaning option
       to disable this feature.

   pyinstall files
       Files listed in debian/pkg.pyinstall file will be installed  as  public
       modules  (i.e.  into  .../dist-packages/  directory)  for all requested
       Python versions.

       Syntax: path/to/file [VERSION_RANGE] [NAMESPACE]

       debian directory is automatically removed from the  path,  so  you  can
       place  your files in debian/ directory and install them from this loca-
       tion (if you want to install them in "debian" namespace, set  NAMESPACE
       to  debian). If NAMESPACE is set, all listed files will be installed in
       .../dist-packages/NAMESPACE/ directory.


              o installs  .../dist-packages/  for  all  supported
                Python versions

              o foo/ 3.3- installs .../dist-packages/foo/ for ver-
                sions >= 3.3

              o foo/ spam installs .../dist-packages/spam/

              o debian/*.py  spam.egg  3.2  installs  .../python3.2/dist-pack-
                ages/spam/egg/*.py files

   pyremove files
       If you want to remove some public modules (i.e. files in .../dist-pack-
       ages/ directory) installed by build system (from all  supported  Python
       versions  or  only  from  a  subset  of  these  versions),  add them to
       debian/pkg.pyremove file.


              o *.pth removes .pth files from .../dist-packages/

              o bar/ 3.2 removes .../python3.2/dist-packages/bar/

   overriding supported / default Python versions
       If you want to override system's list of supported Python  versions  or
       the  default  one  (f.e.  to build a package that includes symlinks for
       older version of Python or compile .py files only for given interpreter
       version),   you   can   do   that   via   DEBPYTHON3_SUPPORTED   and/or
       DEBPYTHON3_DEFAULT env. variables.

       Example: 3.2,3.3 limits the list of supported Python versions to Python
       3.2 and Python 3.3.

              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show help message and exit

              disable guessing dependencies

              do not remove any files from debug packages

       --no-ext-rename do not add magic tags nor multiarch tuples to extension
       file names

              do not rewrite shebangs

              don't check private directories

       -v, --verbose
              turn verbose mode on

       -i, --indep
              act on architecture independent packages

       -a, --arch
              act on architecture dependent packages

       -q, --quiet
              be quiet

       -p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE
              act on the package named PACKAGE

       -N NO_PACKAGE, --no-package=NO_PACKAGE
              do not act on the specified package

       -V VRANGE
              specify list of supported Python 3 versions.  See  py3compile(1)
              for examples

       -X REGEXPR, --exclude=REGEXPR
              exclude  items that match given REGEXPR. You may use this option
              multiple times to build up a list of things to exclude.

              compile all files from given private directory in postinst/rtup-
              date not just the ones provided by the package (i.e. do not pass
              the --package parameter to py3compile/py3clean)

              translate given requirements into Debian  dependencies  and  add
              them   to  ${python3:Depends}.  Use  it  for  missing  items  in

              translate given requirements into Debian  dependencies  and  add
              them to ${python3:Recommends}

              translate  given  requirements  into Debian dependencies and add
              them to ${python3:Suggests}

              translate requirements from given file(s) into Debian  dependen-
              cies and add them to ${python3:Depends}

              use given command as shebang in scripts

              do not translate shebangs into Debian dependencies

       o /usr/share/doc/python/python-policy.txt.gz

       o /usr/share/doc/dh-python/README.PyDist

       o pybuild(1)

       o py3compile(1), py3clean(1)

       o dh_python2(1), pycompile(1), pyclean(1)

       o - most recent version of this document

       Piotr Oarowski, 2012-2013


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