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DH_PHPCOMPOSER(1)                  Debhelper                 DH_PHPCOMPOSER(1)

       dh_phpcomposer - calculates PHP Composer substvars

       dh_phpcomposer [debhelperoptions] [options]

       dh_phpcomposer is a debhelper program that is responsible for
       generating the ${phpcomposer:*} substitutions and adding them to
       substvars files.

       The program will look for composer.json file in your package root, and
       will use this information to generate:

       This feature requires pkg-php-tools (>= 1.7~).

       o ${phpcomposer:name} and ${phpcomposer:description}

       o ${phpcomposer:Debian-require}, ${phpcomposer:Debian-require-dev},
         ${phpcomposer:Debian-conflict}, ${phpcomposer:Debian-replace},
         ${phpcomposer:Debian-provide} and ${phpcomposer:Debian-suggest}

       Those variables will be substituted into your package's control file
       wherever you place the token ${phpcomposer:*}.

           Package that don't want to follow automatic Composer package name
           to Debian package name conversion can override the conversion by
           creating this file.

           More information is available dh_phppear(1)

           Assume that the original package source tree is at the specified
           directory rather than the top level directory of the Debian source
           package tree.

           This feature requires pkg-php-tools (>= 1.14~).

       Debian policy, version 3.9.4

       PHP PEAR policy, version yet-to-be-written

       /usr/share/doc/pkg-php-tools/README.Composer, pkg-php-tools(7)

       debhelper(7) (Note: This program is not part of debhelper)

       Mathieu Parent <>

1.28                              2015-01-18                 DH_PHPCOMPOSER(1)

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