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DEBCONF-SHOW(1)                     Debconf                    DEBCONF-SHOW(1)

       debconf-show - query the debconf database

        debconf-show packagename [...] [--db=dbname]
        debconf-show --listowners [--db=dbname]
        debconf-show --listdbs

       debconf-show lets you query the debconf database in different ways.

       The most common use is "debconf-show packagename", which displays all
       items in the debconf database owned by a given package, and their
       current values.  Questions that have been asked already are prefixed
       with an '*'.

       This can be useful as a debugging aid, and especially handy in bug
       reports involving a package's use of debconf.

           Specify the database to query. By default, debconf-show queries the
           main database.

           Lists all owners of questions in the database. Generally an owner
           is equivalent to a debian package name.

           Lists all available databases.

       Joey Hess <> and Sylvain Ferriol

                                  2011-02-02                   DEBCONF-SHOW(1)

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