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DBUS-RUN-SESSION(1)              User Commands             DBUS-RUN-SESSION(1)

       dbus-run-session - start a process as a new D-Bus session

       dbus-run-session [--config-file FILENAME] [--dbus-daemon BINARY] [--]
                        PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS...]

       dbus-run-session --help

       dbus-run-session --version

       dbus-run-session is used to start a session bus instance of dbus-daemon
       from a shell script, and start a specified program in that session. The
       dbus-daemon will run for as long as the program does, after which it
       will terminate.

       One use is to run a shell with its own dbus-daemon in a text-mode or
       SSH session, and have the dbus-daemon terminate automatically on
       leaving the sub-shell, like this:

       dbus-run-session -- bash

       or to replace the login shell altogether, by combining dbus-run-session
       with the exec builtin:

       exec dbus-run-session -- bash

       Another use is to run regression tests and similar things in an
       isolated D-Bus session, to avoid either interfering with the "real"
       D-Bus session or relying on there already being a D-Bus session active,
       for instance:

       dbus-run-session -- make check

       or (in automake(1)):

               TESTS_ENVIRONMENT = MY_DEBUG=all dbus-run-session --

       --config-file=FILENAME, --config-file FILENAME
           Pass --config-file=FILENAME to the bus daemon, instead of passing
           it the --session argument. See dbus-daemon(1).

       --dbus-daemon=BINARY, --dbus-daemon BINARY
           Run BINARY as dbus-daemon(1), instead of searching the PATH in the
           usual way for an executable called dbus-daemon.

           Print usage information and exit.

           Print the version of dbus-run-session and exit.

       dbus-run-session exits with the exit status of PROGRAM, 0 if the --help
       or --version options were used, 127 on an error within dbus-run-session
       itself, or 128+n if the PROGRAM was killed by signal n.

       PATH is searched to find PROGRAM, and (if the --dbus-daemon option is
       not used or its argument does not contain a / character) to find

       The session bus' address is made available to PROGRAM in the
       environment variable DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS.

       DBUS_STARTER_BUS_TYPE and DBUS_STARTER_ADDRESS are removed from the
       environment, if present.

       Please send bug reports to the D-Bus mailing list or bug tracker, see

       dbus-daemon(1), dbus-launch(1)

D-Bus 1.8.22                      06/05/2020               DBUS-RUN-SESSION(1)

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