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CPANFILE-DUMP(1p)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    CPANFILE-DUMP(1p)

       cpanfile-dump - Dump prerequisites from a cpanfile

         # Install typical required and recommended modules
         cpan `cpanfile-dump`

         # Skip configures phase
         cpan `cpanfile-dump --no-configure`

         # Also include develop phase and suggests type
         cpan `cpanfile-dump --develop --suggests`

         # Include a feature
         cpan `cpanfile-dump --with-feature=sqlite`

       This script reads prereqs from a cpanfile and dumps a raw list of them
       to standard output.  This is useful for piping these as input to
       another program that doesn't support reading cpanfile directly, i.e.
       "cpan" or "cpanp".

       By default, it prints configure, build, test and runtime requirements
       and recommendations.  Command line options can be used to modify the
       default choices.

       This script is distributed with Module::CPANfile since version 1.0002.

       --configure, --build, --test, --runtime, --develop
           Specify the phase to include/exclude. Defaults to include all but
           "--develop" but you can exclude some phases by specifying the
           options with "--no-" prefix, like "--no-configure".

       --requires, --recommends, --suggests, --conflicts
           Specify the type to include/exclude. Defaults to include only
           "--requires" and "--recommends" but you can exclude some types by
           specifying the options with "--no-" prefix, like "--no-recommends".

           Specifying "--conflicts" will turn off all other types (even if
           specified on the command line).

       --with-feature, --with-all-features, --without-feature
               cpanfile-dump --with-feature=sqlite
               cpanfile-dump --with-all-features --without-feature=yaml

           Specify features to include in the dump.  "--with-feature" and
           "--without-feature" may be used more than once.

       Because "cpanm" supports reading cpanfile directly, instead of piping
       the output of this program, you're recommended to use "cpanm
       --installdeps ." to install modules from cpanfile.

       David Golden

       Module::CPANfile cpanfile App::mymeta_requires

perl v5.20.1                      2014-08-29                 CPANFILE-DUMP(1p)

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Created with the man page lookup class by Andrew Collington.
Based on a C man page viewer by Vadim Pavlov
Unicode soft-hyphen fix (as used by RedHat) by Dan Edwards
Some optimisations by Eli Argon
Caching idea and code contribution by James Richardson

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