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C99(1)                      General Commands Manual                     C99(1)

       c99 - ANSI (1999) C compiler

       c99 [-pedantic] [-pedantic-errors] [-D_ANSI_SOURCE] options ...

       Calls  the  C compiler (cc) with the given options , using a C language
       environment compatible with the -ansiC specification.

       This includes proper handling of trigraphs, disabling non-ANSI compiler
       features  (such  as asm , typeof , and the $ character in identifiers),
       and definition of the preprocessor symbol __STRICT_ANSI__ .

       The  status  of  C99  features  implemented  in  GCC  is  described  at

       cc(1) for a description of all options.

       Appeared in NetBSD 1.4 .

       Since c99 is a shell wrapper script to cc , compile errors are prefixed
       by "cc:".


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