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BTRFS-ZERO-LOG(8)                Btrfs Manual                BTRFS-ZERO-LOG(8)

       btrfs-zero-log - clear out log tree

       btrfs-zero-log <dev>

       btrfs-zero-log will remove the log tree if log tree is corrupt, which
       will allow you to mount the filesystem again.

       The common case where this happens has been fixed a long time ago, so
       it is unlikely that you will see this particular problem.

       One can determine whether btrfs-zero-log is needed according to the
       kernel backtrace:

           ? replay_one_dir_item+0xb5/0xb5 [btrfs]
           ? walk_log_tree+0x9c/0x19d [btrfs]
           ? btrfs_read_fs_root_no_radix+0x169/0x1a1 [btrfs]
           ? btrfs_recover_log_trees+0x195/0x29c [btrfs]
           ? replay_one_dir_item+0xb5/0xb5 [btrfs]
           ? btree_read_extent_buffer_pages+0x76/0xbc [btrfs]
           ? open_ctree+0xff6/0x132c [btrfs]

       If the errors are like above, then btrfs-zero-log should be used to
       clear the log and the filesystem may be mounted normally again.

           If you use btrfs as the root filesystem, you may want to include
           btrfs-zero-log into initramdisk if the log problems hits you often.

       btrfs-zero-log will return 0 if no error happened. Other exit code
       means some problems happened.


Btrfs v3.17                       11/22/2014                 BTRFS-ZERO-LOG(8)

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