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BTRFS-REPLACE(8)                 Btrfs Manual                 BTRFS-REPLACE(8)

       btrfs-replace - replace devices managed by btrfs with other device.

       btrfs replace <subcommand> <args>

       btrfs replace is used to replace btrfs managed devices with other

       Note: this is not currently supported for RAID5/6 profiles and must use
       the device add/delete workaround.

       It is recommended to see btrfs-device(8) for more details about btrfs
       device management.

       start [-Bfr] <srcdev>|<devid> <targetdev> <path>
           Replace device of a btrfs filesystem.

           On a live filesystem, duplicate the data to the target device which
           is currently stored on the source device. If the source device is
           not available anymore, or if the -r option is set, the data is
           built only using the RAID redundancy mechanisms. After completion
           of the operation, the source device is removed from the filesystem.
           If the <srcdev> is a numerical value, it is assumed to be the
           device id of the filesystem which is mounted at <path>, otherwise
           is is the path to the source device. If the source device is
           disconnected, from the system, you have to use the devid parameter
           format. The <targetdev> needs to be same size or larger than the


               only read from <srcdev> if no other zero-defect mirror exists.
               (enable this if your drive has lots of read errors, the access
               would be very slow)

               force using and overwriting <targetdev> even if it looks like
               containing a valid btrfs filesystem.

               A valid filesystem is assumed if a btrfs superblock is found
               which contains a correct checksum. Devices which are currently
               mounted are never allowed to be used as the <targetdev>. -B::::
               no background replace.

       status [-1] <mount_point>
           Print status and progress information of a running device replace


               print once instead of print continuously until the replace
               operation finishes (or is canceled)

       cancel <mount_point>
           Cancel a running device replace operation.

       btrfs replace returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is
       returned in case of failure.

       btrfs is part of btrfs-progs. Please refer to the btrfs wiki for further details.

       mkfs.btrfs(8), btrfs-device(8),

Btrfs v3.17                       11/22/2014                  BTRFS-REPLACE(8)

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