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BTRFS-MAP-LOGICAL(8)             Btrfs Manual             BTRFS-MAP-LOGICAL(8)

       btrfs-map-logical - map btrfs logical extent to physical extent

       btrfs-map-logical <options> <device>

       btrfs-map-logical can be used to find out what the physical offsets are
       on the mirrors, the result is dumped into stdout in default.

       Mainly used for debug purpose.

       -l|--logical <logical_num>
           Logical extent to map.

       -c|--copy <copy>
           Copy of the extent to read(usually 1 or 2).

       -o|--output <filename>
           Output file to hold the extent.

       -b|--bytes <bytes>
           Number of bytes to read.

       btrfs-map-logical will return 0 if no error happened. If any problems
       happened, 1 will be returned.


Btrfs v3.17                       11/22/2014              BTRFS-MAP-LOGICAL(8)

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