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BTRFS-CHECK(8)                   Btrfs Manual                   BTRFS-CHECK(8)

       btrfs-check - check or repair a btrfs filesystem offline

       btrfs check [options] <device>

       btrfs check is used to check or repair a btrfs filesystem offline.

           Since btrfs is under heavy development especially the btrfs check
           command, it is highly recommended to read the following btrfs wiki
           before executing btrfs check with --repair option:

       btrfsck is an alias of btrfs check command and is now deprecated.

       -s|--super <superblock>
           use '<superblock>'th superblock copy.

           try to repair the filesystem.

           create a new CRC tree.

           create a new extent tree.

           verify checkums of data blocks.

       btrfs check returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is
       returned in case of failure.

       btrfs is part of btrfs-progs. Please refer to the btrfs wiki for further details.

       mkfs.btrfs(8), btrfs-scrub(8), btrfs-rescue(8)

Btrfs v3.17                       11/22/2014                    BTRFS-CHECK(8)

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