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ATOI(3)                    Linux Programmer's Manual                   ATOI(3)

       atoi, atol, atoll - convert a string to an integer

       #include <stdlib.h>

       int atoi(const char *nptr);
       long atol(const char *nptr);
       long long atoll(const char *nptr);

   Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)):

           _BSD_SOURCE || _SVID_SOURCE || _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 600 ||
           _ISOC99_SOURCE || _POSIX_C_SOURCE >= 200112L;
           or cc -std=c99

       The atoi() function converts the initial portion of the string  pointed
       to by nptr to int.  The behavior is the same as

           strtol(nptr, NULL, 10);

       except that atoi() does not detect errors.

       The atol() and atoll() functions behave the same as atoi(), except that
       they convert the initial portion of the string to their return type  of
       long or long long.

       The converted value.

   Multithreading (see pthreads(7))
       The  atoi(),  atol(), and atoll() functions are thread-safe with excep-
       tions.  These functions can be safely used  in  multithreaded  applica-
       tions,  as long as setlocale(3) is not called to change the locale dur-
       ing their execution.

       SVr4, POSIX.1-2001, 4.3BSD, C99.   C89  and  POSIX.1-1996  include  the
       functions atoi() and atol() only.

       Linux  libc  provided atoq() as an obsolete name for atoll(); atoq() is
       not provided by glibc.

       atof(3), strtod(3), strtol(3), strtoul(3)

       This page is part of release 3.74 of the Linux  man-pages  project.   A
       description  of  the project, information about reporting bugs, and the
       latest    version    of    this    page,    can     be     found     at

GNU                               2014-08-19                           ATOI(3)

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