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A2QUERY.IN(1)         User Contributed Perl Documentation        A2QUERY.IN(1)

       a2query - retrieve runtime configuration from a local Apache 2 HTTP

       a2query  [-m [MODULE]] [-s [SITE]] [-c [CONF]] [-a] [-v] [-M] [-d] [-h]

       a2query is a program designed to retrieve configuration values from a
       locally available Apache 2 HTTP web server. It was designed to be as
       robust as possible by returning feasible values even if the Apache 2
       syntax validator fails.

       This program is primarily meant to be used from maintainer scripts.

       -a  Returns the Apache 2 "Module Magic Version" (API version) number,
           the server was compiled with. The returned version does not contain
           any minor versions which are known to be compatible with the major
           version returned.

       -c [CONF]
           Checks whether the configuration CONF is enabled. If no argument
           was given, all enabled configuration files are being returned. CONF
           is compared by string comparison by ignoring a leading "mod_"
           prefix and possibly a '.conf' or '.load' suffix.

       -h  Displays a brief summary how the program can be called and exits.

       -m [MODULE]
           Checks whether the module MODULE is enabled, The argument is
           interpreted in the same way, as for configuration files queried by
           the -c switch.

       -M  Returns the currently enabled Apache 2 MPM (Multi Processing

       -s [SITE]
           Checks whether the module SITE is enabled, The argument is
           interpreted in the same way, as for configuration files queried by
           the -c switch.

       -v  returns the currently installed Apache 2 HTTP server version

       -q  suppress any output. This is useful to invoke a2query from another
           script. This is useful if only the return code is of interest.

       a2query returns with a zero (0) exit status if the requested operation
       was effectuated successfully and with a non-zero status otherwise. In
       case of an error it leaves with error code 32 if a requested module,
       site or configuration was not found and 33 if a module, site or
       configuration was disabled by a maintainer script. However, exit status
       1 is returned if the module was not found at all

       apache2ctl(8), apache2(8), perl(1)

       This manual and a2query was written by Arno Toell <>.

perl v5.20.2                      2019-09-30                     A2QUERY.IN(1)

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