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XtRegisterDrawable(3)            XT FUNCTIONS            XtRegisterDrawable(3)

       XtRegisterDrawable - register a drawable with the Intrinsics event dis-

       void XtRegisterDrawable(Display* display, Drawable drawable, Widget

       void XtUnregisterDrawable(Display* display, Drawable drawable);

       display   Specifies the drawable's display.

       drawable  Specifies the drawable to register.

       widget    Specifies the widget to register the drawable for.

       XtRegisterDrawable associates the specified drawable with the specified
       widget so that future calls to XtWindowToWidget with the drawable will
       return the widget. The default event dispatcher will dispatch future
       core events that arrive with the drawable to the widget as though the
       event contained the widget's window, but the event itself will not be
       changed in any way when being passed to even handler or action proce-

       If the drawable is already registered with another widget, or if the
       drawable is the window of a widget in the client's widget tree, the
       results of calling XtRegisterDrawable are undefined.

       XtUnregisterDrawable removes an association created with XtRegister-
       Drawable.  If the drawable is the window of a widget in the client's
       widget tree the results of calling XtUnregisterDrawable are undefined.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11                      libXt 1.1.4            XtRegisterDrawable(3)

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